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In our grocery stores, laden with unhealthy farsans and fried chips, it’s frustrating trying to find delicious healthy snack options.  All kind of positive reinforcement kind of fizzles out when you’re hungry and then see a packet of potato chips. Our natural instinct is to grab it and eat it, usually followed by the guilt of being unhealthy. We’ve been struggling with this unhealthy snacking routine for years that has been destroying all our healthy diets, one oily potato chip at a time. The struggle was real until co-founders Heena Karia & Mishal Thakkar thought of healthy snacking options that are still flavourful and within the daily calorie limit.

Cut to the birth of Whistle – India’s first snack company of a kind.

What makes Whistle different is that they make it very simple for you to keep your calories in check. With a growing range of healthy snacking options, they package their snacks with a unique aim of ‘Less than 100 calories’ per serving.

This concept works wonders for weight watchers as they no longer have to worry about the number of calories they are taking in with every bite. With Whistle’s range of super healthy and nutritious snacks, some of which are gluten free, dairy free, high in protein and high in fibre, your mini meals will be as guilt-free as your mains.

What Whistle enables is for you to make smart food choices because they aren’t just any regular snacking option. They are flavourful and nutritious – an amazing combination you just cannot ignore!

Whistle Snacks is the brainchild of two innovators who also happen to be in love with their 4PM snacks. Entrepreneurs at heart, Heena Karia Thakkar and Mishal Thakkar are the masterminds behind this calorie calculated snack that’s up in arms to change the Indian snacking culture one nutritious snack option at a time.

Heena Karia Thakkar is a former member of KPMG, Chicago with an illustrious career that she willfully gave-up to promote her love for healthy snacking. With an aim to make healthy more acceptable by making it flavourful, Heena has hit the jackpot with Whistle that does complete justice to her vision. With a 100 % women workforce she is truly the #GirlBoss in the Indian snacking market.

Mishal Thakkar, the co-founder of Whistle comes with a lot of experience in the FMCG industry. Mishal’s hands-on industry experience is the axis on which Whistle revolves to make a guilt-free snack for Indians.

The Whistle product range includes Makhanas, Amaranth Puffs and the traditional Chana Chor now made healthier! The Makhanas, Puffs and Chana Chor have several flavours that include a range of Gluten Free, Vegan, Jain variants.