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‘Whistle’ ing away…

‘Whistle’ ing away…
January 12, 2017 Whistle
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Crack the Nut…..

The ‘New age’ chakhana…..

The Healthy Makhana is here!

Whistle brings you Makhanas, the Lotus Seed, the Fox Nut – call it whatever you may.


It is healthy, full of anti-oxidants, light, rich in protein, calcium, iron, fibre amongst its other benefits.*

Whistle brings it to you power packed in many flavours…

  • We have Red Hot for those who like it spicy (you feisty fire-cracker!)

  • Peppery for those who like the classic flavours (you elegant you!)

  • Sunshine for the bright ones (and it was all yellow!)

  • And Desi Chaat for all ye Indie at heart (Desi girls and Desi Boys)

Available online (we ship anywhere in India) and in your local grocery store (soon catching on in other stores). We’ve got excellent feedback from foodies on how it is just the right ‘Anytime’ snack.

Try it and we bet you will come back for more!

*As published in various journals from time to time.